The Trump administration may back nuclear, but it still faces an uphill battle in the U.S.

Nos. 3 and 4 reactors at the Vogtle nuclear power plant in Burke County, Georgia (2013). Photo: Kyodo News/Getty Images

The Trump administration—the same people who pulled out of the Paris Agreement, rolled back the Clean Power Plan, and reduced fuel-economy regulations—has become an unlikely champion of at least one source for climate change mitigation: nuclear power.

Late last year, Trump signed into law two bipartisan bills to encourage research and innovation in nuclear energy. In late March of this year, Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced that the Trump administration would be guaranteeing $3.7 billion in loans to finish building two new reactors at the Vogtle plant in Georgia. That same week, Edward McGinnis, the DOE’s principal deputy assistant secretary…

It’s the latest legal attempt to protect the beloved lake from environmental catastrophe

A Landsat satellite image of Lake Erie. Credit: NASA

As Lake Erie begins to emerge from the thick layer of ice and snow that have capped its vast expanse over the last few months, Markie Miller feels an odd pang of melancholy. True, the summer months are a time for swimming, fishing, boating, and picnics on the lake’s beaches, but they also mark an end to a period of quiet at the lake — of frozen hibernation and serenity.

“It’s very reassuring when it’s frozen; you have this weird sense of security,” says Miller, who lives in Toledo, Ohio.

Miller has dedicated the last few years to the security…

Bryan Johnson is convinced that human intelligence needs an upgrade. So he’s putting up $100 million to make it happen.

Illustration by Nick Vokey

When entrepreneur Bryan Johnson sold his payments company, Braintree, to eBay, he walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars — a “blank check” to spend the rest of his life however he wanted. He was only 36. But as soon as you meet Johnson it’s obvious no fortune could drive him to early retirement. He can barely contain himself: he moves quickly, talks faster, and appears delighted with any intellectual challenge. So after the Braintree windfall he set out to find his next project, telling himself that it would have to “maximize his value contribution to the human species.”…

Mallory Pickett

freelance journalist in Los Angeles

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