Three Things to Consider Before Renting a Self-storage Unit

Cities like Baton Rouge have quite a few options when it comes to self-storage. There are quite a few places someone who needs to safely lock away some of their belongings could use. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine whether one is better than the others and which one fits an individual’s needs best. Although there are similarities between the various companies, there are some differences that can help a person choose which Storage Units in Baton Rouge are best for them.


When a family is moving, having a storage unit nearby might be very convenient. The question they have to answer is, do they choose Self Storage Units near their old home or their new one? Having the stored items close to the home they’re moving from will make it easier to move out. This can make it simple to start moving items into storage early so there’s less to pack on moving day. Having them close to the new home will make it easier to move in. For many, the determining factor is how often they will need to access the unit.


Smaller Self Storage Facilities in Baton Rouge may only allow customers to access their belongings during the day. Larger companies typically have around-the-clock staff and video surveillance. People who may need to go to their storage unit after hours should consider one of these 24-hour facilities. Those who only need to store things they won’t remove until they close their account with the storage company may be satisfied with a company that restricts access to customers after business hours.

Climate Control

Some belongings could be damaged if they get too hot or too cold. Instead of taking up space in the home, people who have delicate property like musical instruments, paperwork and photos, electronics or artwork they need to store should choose climate-controlled Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge. These interior units typically cost slightly more than a standard unit but the expense may be well worth the cost if getting a climate-controlled storage unit protects precious property.

Although location may be important, it shouldn’t be the only factor in choosing a self-storage facility. People who know they’ll be moving or will need a storage unit in the near future should start researching their options now. The best companies have representatives on staff that can answer questions to help customers choose the right size unit as well as help them pack their belongings safely into the self-storage.