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Material design, navigation, persisting state

After setting up the environment in Part 1 and creating a very simple first application in Part 2, I was ready for something slightly more ambitious.

For my second project with React Native, I wanted to make something that forced me to explore more APIs and libraries. At the same time, something not too complex, since I didn’t want to get lost in a big project I would never complete.


In the end I decided to go for a Movie Library app, where you can search for movies, read their details such as the plot and add them to your…

An Android Calculator clone and what went wrong with it

In the previous part we’ve seen how I managed to setup the development environment, connecting to a real device and to an emulator, making sure reloading changes worked consistently; all of this with only a few dozen google searches.

Next I was to actually develop something. Since I had no idea on what to do, I also googled that, it makes sense.

They say that the best thing to do is creating something simple that you can complete, instead of some super fancy open source library no one would use anyway.

Plus, the first project always ends up being garbage…

I’ve been using React for a a couple of years, but I was never really interested in React Native.

Part of the reason is the aversion I had towards developing mobile applications in general, before React Native was even a thing; I found it tedious, having to debug your app in dozens of different devices with different screen sizes, versions and so on, to make sure everything worked correctly.

Also a few years ago I developed an application with PhoneGap, but at the time the Android emulator was painfully slow, and when deploying the app to an actual device, everything…

Manuel Dell'Elce

Web Development, JavaScript, Node.js, Open Source

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