What Is a Malware and Why Is It So Risky?

Malware is also known as badware. Any type of program that takes control of the normal functions of your computer, infects your computer with a virus, sends spam and pornography using your computer, uses extortion to force you into buying a specific access is considered a malware. Malware is called malicious software, as the programs classified as such have malicious intent to gain information, or get benefit from a computer user, or use a private computer to coordinate internet attacks. As the time progresses, the invention of malware has become smarter, and a lot of computer users have already lost a big amount of money, or has ended up with a crashing computer because of the malware. The early forms of malware are made for programming experimentation purposes, and to play pranks on other computer users. Nowadays, malware is used to steal personal, financial or business information and even confidential information of the government.

There are many types of malware that has been going around computer networks for decades. There are different types of malware and there as infectious malware and concealment-type malware. Infectious malware include worms and viruses that take control of the functions of your computer which may cause your computer to crash. Viruses are a program that embeds itself in other executable software in the computer. Worms however, duplicate itself on its own and once it infects your computer, it takes a hold on your contacts, and sends duplicates of itself as if you are the actual person sending the emails with the worm inside. Usually, viruses and worms are released to your computer to use it as a portal to send thousands of spam emails. The other type of malware which is the concealment malware can include viruses, Trojan horses, rootkits and backdoors. These are coined as concealments because they front legit programs, and websites, but have ulterior motives to get information, to destroy your computer, monitoring your computer activities for a long time, and to extort money by locking your computer. These types of malware are usually concealed in torrents, when people download hacked programs. Your computer can get malware if you don’t have anti-malware programs, or anti-virus software. Also, it is possible to get the malware if you access contents of an infected USB without scanning it first. Sometimes, malware gets into your computer system because you allow it to. As sometimes computer users just don’t read pop-up messages carefully.

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