Rattle and Refine

I want to keep this simple, to start. I think thats easiest — for both of us.

insert sip of wine

Shit. I think this wine is corked. Here I was expecting a light Pinot Noir, but got a mildewy imposter. This suddenly became less relaxing. Yet, the world goes on.

I love to write. I love to connect with people.

When the two merge, great things can happen. Thoughts and conversations transform into ideas reflected on a page. If read by the right audience, these ideas can change the world. That is pretty much the most optimistic version of the truth that I can conjure.

Sure, a lot can go wrong in-between. But no one loves a pessimist.

That said, one of the most important aspects of this merger is the audience. Your words need to be read.

And it is 2017, where reading print is becoming either an ‘outdated intake’ or really cool in hipster-esk communities. Smart phones, reading technology (e.g.: The Kindle), and Internet of Things have allowed us to rely on screens instead of pages. So, let’s cater to the masses — blogs for everyone! This includes me. I have avoided blogging for so long, but am finally jumping in. Thank you for taking a few minutes to observe this, hopefully positive, life change of mine.

That declared, I want to set a realistic bar for myself (and any potential future readers).

I likely will not have consistent theme throughout this adventure. I have rather extreme A.D.D. (really, my psychiatrist and I meet regularly). Depending on my mood or attention span, writings tend to vary.

My intentions are to write about:

  • Things I already have learned… life lessons
  • Unsolved mysteries — shit I don’t understand (but hope to someday)
  • Inspirational moments
  • Personal tales of triumph, embarrassment, loss, lessons, love, pain, happiness and humor

I do not intend to use this blog as:

  • Free will to complain about anything
  • A platform to extend preachy advice
  • My own, personal, negative thoughts backlog

So, there you have it. Cheers to the road ahead.

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