March: Women’s Stories
Medium Staff

I have a story for ya…It was a cold and icy January morning. The landscape glistened like brand new crystal. Ice covered everything in sight and my daughter and I were headed into town for her ultrasound appointment. You see, my daughter was 9 months pregnant with my first grandchild…Josiah. We were in route to the clinic, which was 45 minutes away from our home, when my vehicle broke down on the side of the road. It began to overheat and I couldn’t risk driving any further. Besides that, I have my VERY pregnant daughter in a mini van, stranded about 3 or 4 miles away from home on the highway in January! So I did what any loving and devoted mother would do…I pushed my vehicle back to our home which was four miles away and at the bottom of a steep hill, across the road from the Green river with no embankment; just a sheer drop off into the Icy Green river, oh, and did I mention the ice?!? Yes, I successfully pushed and steered my minivan containing my pregnant daughter from the highway to the top of a hill. Then, I hopped in at the top of this icy hill and carefully steered (with no power steering) down this hill, around the beginning of the road; parallel the river until it rolled to a complete stop. Once it ceased to roll, I jumped out and pushed it the rest of the way…What you WON’T do, do for love…but you don’t give up…I did my best…!

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