Everyone needs to connect, to get things done, move ahead and grow.

Networking is the way. Everyone knows it but few excel at it. The mass are more of a tit for tat kind of people. The few networkers are not.

Many elements go into networking right but there’s one that really stands out: Giving first without asking for anything. Being known as a person that genuinely likes to help.

This means you don’t help people for a reason, for a favor in return, for anything. You do it because you like to help others succeed and achieve and grow, you do it because you’re genuinely interested in their well being.

People can tell, people aren't stupid, people are very smart and can tell the genuine givers from the fake hypocrites that plague society.

Key ingredient: Give genuinely without waiting for a return favor and not getting angry if they don’t recall your help, keep doing it. Eventually it all balances out.

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