The secret isn’t really a secret you see

Come to think about it for a minute the secret isn’t really a secret, the whole manifestation and magnetic force you create that pulls in the things you care about the most in life..suddenly.

You see, suddenly isn’t really that also, it is the pure, clear, focus and determination accompanied with hard work that gives these results, almost without failure. People that practice this secret know that it is nothing more than clear focus and a general good feeling towards the thing to actually happen.

Here is a simple and real example. Marriage is one of the things that people tend to either avoid or jump into when the love of their life appears. Due to the amount of focus on the matter and thinking the manifestation happens and is double because there are two heads, or let me say hearts at play or work.

The magical thing I am talking about, which actually isn’t, is how they manage to overcome every single obstacle in their way almost just in time before the announced day? How is that? How does the whole world manage that?

In my religion Islam, it is due to a blessing from Allah for the newly weds that all this takes place and they are told if they have a clean and clear intention then Allah will take care of the rest and bless their marriage.

Now In other religions I am sure this also is the case with each belief, but what about when we take out the religion part leaving the faith only?

When a person is focused on something so much that even his subconscious mind works while she sleeps and his showers are filled with mini AHA! attacks, when she is not present at gatherings and would rather sit alone and focus or do research.. the little dots start to appear, one after the other and all they have to do it connect them.

So you see if I was planning on starting a business that sells a unique item that requires special marketing efforts from the greatest of minds that can position it and on a trip to London I decide to pay extra for the long journey and next to me is Seth Godin that is and is not a coincidence.

It is a coincidence because it wasn’t planned , he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him…but it isn’t a coincidence because I know who he really is due to my research, love for marketing, love for reading great books and I know that if I wanted to hire him I could never afford it but now…well now, it’s all chit chat.

Stay focused, really focused.