Trying to understand users, consumers and followers

Anybody that sells or produces anything needs to understand final destination recipients.

Nothing new here except for one thing: Everything changes faster now.

So you’re a marketing wizard and know all the tricks of the trade and how to apply them. How old is that information and methodology?

What we tend to not notice is how we ourselves are also changing faster and get bored so much faster than ever before. So what do we do?

1- Update your information constantly.

2- Check out successful marketing ideas and modify.

3- Don’t kill a method until you’ve totally exhausted it.

4- Focus on the few that matter not the many that don’t know you exist.

5- Consistency always pays off by telling you if it dies or doesn’t work.

The thing is like a living organ, growing, adapting and evolving. No one way will work for all but focusing on what gets noticed and engaged helps.

Simplicity too is key.