Uncomfortably correct


Change is the best known constant. Comfort zones are growth traps. Risk was never everyones cup of tea, or coffee in my case. Growth favours challenges greatly. What got you here won’t get you there.

Do the above statements make sense? Have you heard them before? I’m sure you did, just fooling around with you…in case you missed one or two, now you know the growth bunch.

In this day and age of overlapping demographics, thoughts, ideas, breakthroughs, disruptive ways of life all funnelled into one highway with a growing number of endless exits that suit everyones life and risk appetite, feeling lost is only normal.

The problem isn’t that at all, feeling lost actually is only natural when we try to make sense of it all. The real problem in my opinion is when a bunch of lost souls start asking for directions from people that appear to know what they’re doing and where they’re heading but are also lost but couldn’t admit it.

Let’s admit one thing before we go on, we live in really strange times which is normal in mans never ending pursuit for advancement..it’s the speed and disruptive everything around us that is causing all of this commotion.

Anyways, let’s get back to the subject at hand. Feeling uncomfortable correct today could be a good sign, signalling a much needed change you hadn’t planned for this soon.

Uncomfortably correct: Feeling you’re onto something but also feeling extremely uncomfortable and miles away from your comfort zones.

Here are 12 signs you could be onto something and experiencing an uncomfortably correct state basically meaning you’re doing it right!:

  1. Things are not the same anymore and seem different, not satisfying you like they used to?
  2. You’re actions are questioned by many people around you, people that really know you not the usual society “keep it normal guards”. And I don’t mean actions like running in your underwear to grab people’s attention.
  3. You’re thoughts are continuously questioning previous self beliefs and activities you are used to.
  4. The faces around you are changing more often it’s confusing and alarming. Meaning your choices of people are more selective and you don’t just hang out with the same old people and groups.
  5. You’re listening more now and reading into different areas, getting bored by the old stuff faster than ever it’s actually irritating.
  6. Mainstream , normal and repetitive social bandwagons bore you to death.
  7. Your risk appetite is nudging you to take note of its existence and the possibilities it holds.
  8. You start noticing new people, ideas, places and study them closer.
  9. Disruptive everything is suddenly sexy and attractive, not questioned and frowned upon and feared.
  10. You don’t feel well and sometimes you doubt yourself and capabilities, think you’re depressed. Change as you know has a price and not everyone likes to pay upfront or even in instalments.
  11. Alone time has suddenly started to steal time from social gatherings and gaming or other social activities. This happens because you’re in need for more self reflection.
  12. You finally started listening to your self talk, the voice that the world makes you believe only insane people practice where in reality only tuned in individuals are usually geniuses. You suddenly think you could be onto something big, and feel you need to take action!

So what do you when you get this uncomfortably correct feeling?

  • Streamline your thoughts and ideas in black and white. Taking more notes and writing what you’re thinking about, it also helps free your head and reduce stress.
  • Find a mentor ASAP.
  • Write down your top thoughts, actions, lifestyle you want to pursue
  • Prioritise your ideas and thoughts.
  • Set realistic goals, not to small and not to vague..bigger is ok.
  • Focus is key as with many areas in life, it’s easy to get distracted.
  • Ask more questions to more people, reach out.
  • Stay positive to attract positive people.
  • Ask yourself the tough questions like “ Is it time for a change?” and answer them bravely..no one can do that for you.
  • Exercise more and watch your diet and health I mean what’s a brand new Italian Ferrari on an open road without any speed limits with an unserviced engine and worn out tires?
  • Meditate more.
  • Remove anything that blocks your way, things like unhealthy thoughts, self doubt and nasty negative people that don’t want you to succeed and leave them behind in their negative fields of sorrow.

Hope you have an amazing week ahead! and a Happy new year too. Keep it real, stay positive and make it happen, remember there is only one unique version of you writing your story: Make it worth reading!

Mamdooh Al-Radadi, 22 December 2015, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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