A broken Heart discovered Love..

Your skin shreds when you realize it’s been touched by hands that have never felt love. Staring at your flesh in disgust trying to peel off each layer of an unwanted memory. You took too many spoons of lust that your tongue still has the taste of their crumbs. Is it possible to feel so abandoned that cobwebs start forming around your heart. How did a soul dig so deep into your emotions yet left you covered in your own dirt. Pacing back and forth in a graveyard wanting to bury all the love inside you. Little do you know this attachment has already killed the reasons you were staying alive for. You say you’re strong enough but your bones look like they’re about to shatter. As a whole you’re misplaced except for your feelings that want to finally matter. The way you scatter your thoughts on the ground saying you got used to this mess. Your mind is so congested with regret that there’s no room for anything else. It’s like pain splattered all over your walls because every framed memory is dripping in blood. The alleys in your veins have barriers now disallowing any further injections of love. Even carving smiles onto your flesh can’t make you feel happiness. Sweating in grief like your thoughts have been running back and forth to madness. The trauma in your eyes shows me that love made you see your own grave. Imagine gazing at the sight of trust not knowing you’ll be destroyed in the same state. That’s when your roots deteriorated and petals of love bloomed from another palm. It’s like your feelings were sown into their mind without you having to provide a wool of words. The rips on your soul were widening making it necessary for a second chance to stitch you back. Your skin was numb to the point that any feeling of love could not be grasped. Watching ice melt off of your chest as life tucked you under this new blanket of affection. As I read your lips it was like seeing a bloodshed of pages at war. Your fragile cover will remain torn even if the ink on your fingertips tried to rewrite the plot. As silence presses against your eardrums you feel deaf from screams of pain within the walls of your heart. This black and white imagery became normal to look at as soon as their true colours stained you. Who knew love would turn you into a living corpse whose loyalty was the same reason it got caged for. As words about moving on emerge from your lips you choke on your own tongue. Praying for a second life concluding that this world was only able to make you love once.