For anyone who has been Ignored

Your heart is a broken home who’s beat has been demolished by the silence of no one knocking on its door. It’s so quiet that even a tear drop from the side of your pupil is heard loud and clear as it crashes onto the floor. Your love gets shoved and pushed to the side. Each time you lean in for smiles, you’re thrown back into this puddle of pain. All this love you carry is the reason your soul feels dragged. You let them tie your heart on a chain and drag it until your love splatters and leaves you with stains. You're just an amateur piece of seed trying to dive into roots that won’t even notice your love growing inside them. Remove the curtains from their eyes and you’re still seen as a hidden shadow reflecting off of the sun’s gaze that goes unnoticed. Your words are left on their plate to rot and never devoured as they are too busy to even taste a pinch of your sweetness. You feel useless and unneeded like a pale anemic selfless body providing rainbow like love to someone who can’t even understand black and white meanings. Slowly getting immune to blank responses pretending to fill them with words you wish you were hearing. Constantly listing imaginary wrongs you could’ve done. Your thoughts feel like ghosts wandering around an abandoned mind ever since they walked out of your alley. You feel lonely carrying empty walls inside you. Your skin burns as the attachment you have with them slowly starts peeling leaving you scarred. Your soul is pulled apart by a force of negligence. How can someone pull you so close then act numb when you’re right next to them. You feel guilty as if your attention is a threat to them. That needle like pain that slowly pinches the top layer of your tongue is causing you to lose the taste of their love. Bitter detachment from the sweetest scenic view that fulfilled your appetite. Now you’re starved with every word they don’t feed you. Your pale fingers feel like broken bones gliding over a skeletal body. No one to answer to your own voice makes it seem like death is calling. Who could take this slice of attention that you saved for them. Missing the piece of mind you’d get if they shared their thoughts with you. Now you’re just an unseen piece of art begging for a stroke of their love to leave a mark on you. Feeling undesired is eating you up like your insides are ripped out and pulled apart. You’re like an infected wound showing symptoms of weakness around a ruptured heart. Your surface was scratched upon leaving you as a damaged good. Hungry for words from a soul who knew your taste like they experimented on your tongue. It’s like this distance erupted making you feel as if you’re a volcano away from the love you were harnessed to. Now you just hope for their attention to reignite and defrost this frozen layer on the world they promised you.