Hopeless Romantic (Female)

Ever took a stroll through a mind that’s madly in love? Imagine an angered heart with veins erupting telling you it’s enough. Abrain with a ton of weight forming from piles of pictures and images of the only face she can’t erase. A dozen others want her, but she keeps re-applying to the same offer that declined her. Watching her heart bleed flowing through a river full of grieves. Dark red water reflecting the pain in her vision when she stayed silent through screams. If he’s hurt, it’d be her own death. She’s like that corpse you see walking with no soul left. She’s her own mess, wishing he’d sweep her off her feet not worrying about how dirty the floor felt. Filthy thoughts about a body that’s only guilty for unlocking her out of the cage she wants to stay locked in. Imprisoned in her own mind, she’s a prisoner to her own lies. Wondering why he won’t love back.. how do you kill a past without guns and.. how do you take back what ain’t yours but borrowed hoping they wouldn’t ask for their stuff back. She’s the type to steal his heart in hopes of getting caught. She tied herself around him now she’s stuck in knots. Her countless love letters get dropped back on her porch. Sealed up looking like they weren’t even bothered being checked on who they were from. Every birthday she leaves gifts and flowers by his front door then walks home staring at her phone waiting for a message saying thank you for the love note. But that’s all imaginary, her pencil cravings resemble pieces of ash rolling around a cemetery. She writes words based on a dead love for a soul whose ghost can’t even acknowledge her shadow in her sanctuary. All her energy has dissolved into that one name, like a fluid that has weakened on the surface. She’s that planet that revolves around the same spot for decades but never gets a glimpse on her meteoric scars for ages. She’s trying to re-evaluate her recipe on why her love failed. Because the taste she devoured made her wonder if she digested too fast on her loves’ plate. The insanity in her desires correlates with her psychotic pain. She’s insanely in sane with her intentions for a heart that only relates in a bionic way. Unemotional to her romantic ways, like he’s wearing a metallic armor that keeps her bow and arrow from hunting down his admirable prey. She’s deaf to everyone except the only ears that can’t hear her. Craving a voice so bad that she starves to death when he’s near her. She’s even okay with the fact that he doesn’t love back but she knows there’s no one but him that she would ever love back.