The inexperienced recruiter

In the Middle East canteen

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Someone-Hi, can I sit here?

Me-Yes, of course.

Someone-Are you Turkish?


Someone-You look like European.

Me-Is Turkish the first nation you remember when seeing European?

Someone-Actually, no, but you looked like Turkish.

Me-How do you know how Turkish people look like, have you ever visited Turkey?

Someone-No. So you are not?


A minute later

Someone-So, do you like halal food that is why you have come here?

Me-No, I am a just meat eater and here there is some good food with meat.

Someone-Oh! So you are Muslim and meat eater even pork?

Me-How do you know I am Muslim?

Someone-Here most of the people are Muslims.

Me-Ok, I am not. I am Christian.

Someone-Oh seriously? I am Christian too. Don’t you think that Christ is coming back in the near future?


Someone-Actually, I am from the *** church. I am just here to find out Muslims and spread the word of Christ and help them to come back.

Me-Did they assign you or it is your initiative?


Someone-It is my initiative. Did it interest you? Would you like to join me to convince them?

Me-No, sorry.

Someone- No? If I knew I did not tell you all of this… bye.

Me-Have a nice day.

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