The 5 areas of your life you need to go phoneless

My cell phone has been my connection to the world, the resource for any answer, and a cure for boredom. I viewed it as a way to be one step ahead in life, until one day I realized that my cell phone had actually been holding me back, and hurting my relationships.

What was life like without a cell phone? I remember knocking on someone’s door to see if they were home, planning dates ahead of time, and naturally having time to be alone with my thoughts. My relationships had greater levels of trust, closeness and respect, and I was more aware of myself. Cell phones have changed basic human connection, and have stunted my personal growth. This led me to find the five areas of my life that weren’t better with my cell phone — answers that immediately made my life better and can help yours, too:

  1. The bathroom. Remember when the bathroom was a place to read? Leave that book you’ve been meaning to read beside the throne, to improve your life. Plus you can’t drop it in the toilet (and be honest, who hasn’t done that?).
  2. In the gym: You don’t go there to work out your thumbs. A phone takes your focus away from your work out, which actually makes it less effective. If you listen to music or podcasts, use a hands-free device.
  3. During meals: Having a phone out can distract you and others during conversation. It can even make you gain weight, as distracted eating causes you to eat more. Basic manners, no elbows or phone on the table.
  4. Socializing with friends: Which do you value more, relationships or your Facebook feed? Be in the moment, not in your mobile.
  5. The bedroom: Noises and alerts from your phone and light from the screen decrease the quality of your sleep. The bedroom should only be for intimacy and sleep.

Follow these five tips if almost bumping into things while walking is a normal occurrence, if your hand hurts from constantly cupping your phone, and if you can’t wait for a few minutes without pulling out your phone. It may be a hard habit to break, but your mind, body, and friends, will benefit in the end.

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