Blue Collar Roots, Ivory Tower Dreaming
Laura Rosell

Favorite RPG? Mine was FFX, followed by my first love, FF3/6.

Anyway, the way you put into words of the conflicting struggle of your socioeconomic upbringing juxtaposed against your education is too damn real. Thank you for this.

Tangential to your experience, I was venting to a roommate the other day that when I was offered my first job out of grad skool, the pay was 2–3 times more than what my father made, more so, to what my father has worked his entire life to get to. The guilt was unreal, but how proud he was of me was also unreal. Saying “thank you” to your parents seems like it is never enough, especially of a similar upbringing to yours, where you are self-aware of how you fit into your community and how you are viewed. Standing out. Never bringing shame to your parents. Only pride. And so on and so on and so on.

Can’t wait to read more from you!