To The Moon — 2017 Recap

2017. What a year. I got engaged. I got a new job at an amazing company. I broke out of a lifestyle of flaunting money I don’t have (Please ignore photo of lambo above), and started to focus on things pass today.

I wish I can put into words how happy I am. Cindy and I have been dating for two years now and a couple of months ago, she was foolish enough to say yes to being engaged with me. This is forever proof that I am an amazing salesmen, because if you really knew me you would know that I got the better end of the bargain.

I may want to attribute this year of success to many of my disciplines of character and continual work effort. The manifestation of the outer realities finally matching the inner character and hard work.

Simply though, it truly is Cindy.There is something about having someone in your life that gives everything else focus. I have been pushing forward for years working to buy myself a house and to save money to invest and to move out of my parents house, but there is nothing more pressing than a person you care for and thinking about your own future family.

These last two years have been a years of sacrifice where I have had to say no to many of friends outtings and birthdays. We saved money by cooking meals at home and not eating fancy. We took few trips and were lucky to have generous friends willing to treat us out on many, many occasions. Shoutout to Eunjoo and Tommy for all their love.

I got my finances in check finally and am doing big boy things like maxing out my 401K and putting money away into an Health Savings Account. Putting my money safely in Wealthfront so it can grow year after year without stress. This year has been amazing with the S&P500 growing 25%. If you had 100K in your account, you would have an additional 25K at the end of the year ready to compound once again.

I picked up a couple of new skills like listening to Audible at 2.5X speed. Still trying to get to 3X, but it is taking a bit of work. This has allowed me to inhale books and provide additional frameworks for me to view the world. I believe I have listened to over 20 books this year. Please recommend me any of your favorites.

One of the leadership principles of my current company is Think Big. I have some lofty goals and I do want to change the world still. My plan is simple.

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Your Family and Friends
  • Take Care of Your Community, Church, and City
  • Take Care of the Nation

This year I can say that I am finally able to fully take care of myself. Now I am on step two and finding ways to take care of my family and friends. Giving people money isn’t the answer. Its giving people livelihood, purpose, and meaning

And its not only one family I plan on taking care of now. It’s mine and Cindy’s. Having a father-in-law and sister-in-laws and additional nieces have been amazing. Family time is real.

I plan to write more this year. I have a bet going with my friend so there is some incentive. Its been a year of focus. Pulling back from shouting to the world that I have everything together. These couple years I have shared a lot less. I have some thoughts to share on this coming year. Subscribe. Leave me comments. Show me love. I am insecure and need constant affirmation!

Happy New Years! I wish you all an amazing year where your dreams and wishes come true. No fears. No regrets. The world needs the best us.

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