Prologue: Daydream

I walk around the town, taking in its familiar surroundings. A deep sorrow engulfs me as I note that the scene in the dream is the same as it has always been. I cry as I walk, hoping to escape from this nightmare, from this dream world where everything is so wrong and everything bad exists. I don’t know how long I walk for in my dream before I wake up but I eventually do…

========== — — — — — — — — — — ==========

I wake up with tears in my eyes. I shudder as I think of the nightmare that I had just experienced. It was that same nightmare that has been plaguing me for the last two weeks. I step down onto the floor and run down the stairs to see my father in his usual seat in front of the television and my mother preparing a fragrant breakfast in the kitchen. I heave a sigh of relief when I see that both of them are safe.

I climb back up the stairs slowly and take a quick peek into my brother’s room. There he is, still asleep, snoring loudly without a care in the world. Finally certain that everything is as it should be and that my nightmare is over, I walk slowly back into my room and start removing my pajamas. I grab a simple white T-shirt and blue shorts before going back down the stairs again.

Breakfast is already on the table when I enter the kitchen. Looks like we’re having waffles for breakfast today. I greet my mom as I sit down and start wolfing my breakfast down.

“Eat slowly, Ashley, the food’s not going to run away.” my mother said as she too sat down to start eating her own portion of breakfast. I like seeing my mother like this, healthy and cheerful.

Just a few weeks ago, she was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment. She had lost all of her palour and was in deep pain. It had hurt me to see her suffering in silence, to keep a strong front when I know that she is hurting deep inside. I am glad that she has since recovered. Our family has been in a happy mood since her recovery.

I finish my breakfast and wash my plate and cutlery before climbing up the stairs again and heading into my room. I turn my computer on and start playing some of my favourite games.

The rest of the day goes on as normal. I spend most of the day playing my game. My brother goes out to school and returns home just before dinnertime. My parents go on with their chores and jobs and the whole family only comes back together at dinnertime. We have a cheerful dinner, conversing happily and by the time I am back on my bed and preparing to sleep, it feels like a whole century has passed since I had that dream last night. I stare at the ceiling in fear, knowing that I will inevitably fall asleep sooner or later and have to relive that nightmare again.

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