What the Hell is User Experience Society?
Avery Si

Hey Avery, good write up. I’m a Pinoy too btw.

I just wanna ask, are you guys only open exclusively to Atenians only? Because I’m a amateur UX designer too, but I am here at the province — at Bataan. And I kinda hit a dead end here because UX is almost nonexistent and not known work or practice of art here in the Philippines right? Heck even our curriculum doesn’t exist for that here.

My point is I actually want to ask join, whatever your organization is, or what do you even guys do, or if you’re even just a student led design agency or you’re just a design group support. You guys are the only few that I could find here in PH that shares interest and promote UX here. I guess I need to be around the people that shares that interest too to further pursue this almost nonexistent practice of art here in this country

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