Buying locally

Crab wondering (photo by me)

In an era of abundant availibility whenever you want ANYTHING we vote with our wallets as to who stays and who goes.

Recent years seen rise of ‘budget’ supermarkets with Aldi and Lidl taking market share from traditional big 4 as well as more premium (Waitrose and M&S) supermarkets.

I often wonder where does it leave the local high street? Your fishmonger, butcher, greengrocer?

When I visit our high street, we get advice we would never get at Aldi (which I love too but it’s so busy and rushed).

Recently bought tuna from local fishmonger that swam off the coast of Wales. It was unusual, affordable and I was even told how best to cook it. I always ask what’s in season to get most for my money. Sure, Tesco gives great deal on salmon but I dare you to pay couple of £ more and compare the taste.

My daugher is a lover of seabass. I know my local fishmonger will pick all the little bones so she gets proper fillet.

We build commumities and local economies by shopping nearby. And I do believe there is a place for all — big and small — we just have to make a concious decision where and when we buy.