Mancunian Kids is born

I’ve decided to do the campaign focussing on recipes and places to eat out as a family around lovely city of Manchester, England. The recipes I cook for my family are quick (max 30 min) and easy. I’m time poor — and would rather play with my daughter.

She is 2 now and a little explorer of flavours. I truly believe we are what we eat. It’s a source of pleasure as well as nutrition.

When my daughter was born she wasn’t feeding via mouth. Instead she’s had NG Tube inserted via nose all the way to her tummy. It stayed put for whole 5 months. I was sad for her that she couldn’t taste food she was consuming. It was breaking my heart a little but at the same time I knew I had to be strong for her. When she tasted my milk for the first time, she’s smiled. She’s liked it!! Within a few weeks the tube was out and because she was turning 6 months, weaning was around the corner.

She has had a surgery in her mouth at 9 months. And when she woke up she wanted her milk! After sleep, she’s wanted some yoghurt.

At that moment I saw how primal the need for food is. We just wouldn’t survive without it.

I want this campaign to be showcase of varied products. Little hacks you can try with your little ones to get more fibre and veg in their bodies. And of course local eateries you can try without breaking the bank :)

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