Story about EHP

chapter 2.1 some polls

Today I have few thoughts on the test feedback from some EHP testers suddenly.So I want to launch several polls.

  1. How much patience would you take to rebuild your body?

(A1).10 minutes (B1).10 days (C1).10 months( D1).10 years or more

2.How much would you prefer to pay for a high quality sleeping(including end insomnia)once and for all?

(A2).$200–500 (B2).$500–2k (C2)$2k-5k (D2)$5k+

3.What would you willing to take to exchange a healthy body when you are terminally ill?

(A3)A large amount of your current possesions

(B3)The rest of your healthy life

(C3)Other precious thing you have(pls add_______)