Revolutionary Voting System

Process of creating brand new system in the market of trade requires comparison and analysis of existing systems. 
 We were searching for ways of equal value of each voting and choice.

Many specialists in user experience establish that user’s behavior is frequently predictable, so we set a goal to minimize pressure by made our interface laconic and simply.

Necessary functions of voting system are:

  • keep up with latest vote updating by our alerts
  • offer new voting
  • cast a vote
  • track duration of voting process
  • view amount of votes in open voting
  • view results of already taken decisions
  • see progress in implementing vote results
  • and some others.

Surprising we found discrepancy with the principle of voting independence. So we aggregate all our data and determine the best solution.

Bright colors of our brand style giving positive mood to participants.

Concentration on making decision without distracting factors, annoying banners or agitation.

Making free and clear choices will do the Exchange free and clear.

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