The Consumer’s Revolution

As a consumer and business man, I experience firsthand the market inefficiencies that raise the costs of doing business to both consumers and suppliers. These are inefficiencies that would disappear as soon as consumers are able to interact on a level playing field with suppliers. It is a must to unite consumers to make market more efficient for both consumers and suppliers. It is a must to start The Consumer’s Revolution.

Most consumers and suppliers are regularly unsatisfied in any commerce exercise. Consumers are often frustrated when they do no receive the right price despite investing a significant amount of time looking for it. Every time they close a deal, there are second thoughts about it. Was a better deal possible? It happens at the same time that suppliers miss their expectations despite investing a significant amount of money. It is my firm belief that this frustration in both sides of the market is caused mainly by the market inefficiencies driven by the Inequality of Bargaining Power that consumers have carried since the first steps when the Supply and Demand Theory was put into practice. This blog will be about all types of information related to the Inequality of Bargaining Power of consumers and the what, why, who, when, where, and which of it. I will present the well-known inequalities as well as the invisible ones, what to do to increase the power in consumers, and disclose the benefits that this increase of bargaining power in consumers presents to them and to suppliers.

Once consumers manage to have the same bargaining power then suppliers in the free market exercise, market inefficiencies would disappear and consumers would be able to maximize the return of their dollars as suppliers would be able to improve their top and bottom line.

But… why The Mandated Blogger? A Mandate is a word that comes from the Latin root Mandatum, a command given by the electorate to its representatives, and an authoritative order. Therefore, I initially will be the self-proclaimed Mandated Blogger assuming the mandate from consumers to work on reducing this inequality and attacking those market inefficiencies for the common benefit of all the market participants. Of course, I am looking forward to becoming the consumers’ legitimate “Mandated Blogger” thanks to the uniqueness of my material, the amazing content in my blog, and the value added this content will provide.

Let’s start #TheConsumerRevolution.

Please look for my next material where I will write about the origin and main cause of the inequality of bargaining power.

#TheConsumerRevolution: #BigData is taking the world by storm. Consumers need a mandate for somebody to act and maximize the use of Big Data for their benefit.