What is a “Human Capital Network” ?

Mande Network
3 min readNov 1, 2022

An Intro to “Mande Network” a Dymension RollApp for Human capital.

In the simplest of terms, human capital is people’s capability and the ability to generate value. Every human being is an asset and is fundamentally hireable and investable. Repeating this, a human being is considered an asset even without any material attributes. A human being is worth being
invested on, solely based on their abilities, talents and credentials.

Mande Network is building a “Human Capital network” on blockchain by enabling ‘DApps’ that invest in human capital

In finance — for instance, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus founded Grameen bank which offers micro-credit loans without the need of any collateral. The focus of Grameen bank is on the extremely
economically challenged. Very small amounts of loans are given to people, on the basis of their needs and subsequent loans are given based on the repayment of the first loan. The individual’s identity and the repayment of the first loan are the only credentials that are needed in this regard. Inspired by this, Mande Network is enabling “Micro-Finance” protocols using rating algorithms analogous to “Proof-of-Credibility” and identity enablers as SBTs, DiDs & VCs.

Women availing loans at Grameen Bank.

In justice — for instance, blockchains today completely depend on oracles for any kind of real world data inputs to smart contracts. This is a huge limitation for smart contracts to auto execute based on real world inputs for niche or specific use cases. For example If user “A” want to Swap crypto through an escrow with user “B” for hand offered cash there is no way to track the off-chain cash handover on chain to move money through an escrow contract. Mande Network is utilising its Human capital enablers to create an on-chain “quorum of judges” who provide data inputs to auto-executing smart contracts.

In Education — DeEd — or decentralised education is another human capital ‘movement’ Mande Network wants to enable. Students in many countries of the world are stuck in environments with archaic educational structures
and systems that limit their access to the knowledge they need to progress at the same pace as their counterparts in other parts of the world. Coupled with poorly trained and unmotivated teachers, the result is a substandard education with inadequate knowledge transfer. Mande Network will provide the underlying technology to enable incentivised “learn-to-earn” protocols that applications and organisations around the world can use to connect learners from countries with inadequate educational resources to the most credible educators in the world.

Human IPOs — is another exciting concept, where humans can invite equity like investment in them, based on their talent, credentials and credibility by tokenising themselves on the blockchain platform and selling their personal tokens like equity shares of listed companies. We are looking at ideas like this as a north star for use cases of human capital network on blockchain. Imagine a billion people listing their Human IPOs on a blockchain — such tremendous scale is only possible on a blockchain platform and is practically impossible to to execute for any given web2
institutional enabler.

Some DApps that are being build on Mande Network.

Mande Networks vision is to enable human capital applications like the above and many more — and this journey starts with humanising the blockchain with “Proof-of-Credibility”, SBTs, DiDs and Zk-Proofs.



Mande Network

Human Capital Network on blockchain built on a novel consensus algorithm called 'Proof-of-Credibility'.We bring Identity and trust with SBTs, DiDs &VCs.