April 05, 2018 | Karen Bintz

Ever feel like you’re moving at a dizzying pace?

Or that you’re being pulled in a million different directions every day?

If trying to fulfill all of your personal and professional responsibilities leaves you feeling a bit starved for time, you’re not alone.

“Too little time” is the number one concern customers raise when it comes to training.

Organizations fear that pulling employees away from their jobs, even for a day or two, will negatively impact productivity and performance.

To mitigate this perceived risk some organizations opt to shorten training or, worse, skip it altogether believing it to be a “nice-to-have” instead of a necessity.

But when it comes to communications training, cutting corners could cost you.


Because it’s the one make-or-break skill every employee uses EVERY SINGLE DAY…

Communicating ideas is critical to success.

In the workplace, this often manifests as presentations to clients or internal stakeholders. How well can your team do this?

If your team’s not able to communicate well, then your organization’s ability to innovate could be taking the hit.

That’s why during last week’s webinar, Don’t Let Your Good Ideas Get Lost in Presentation, Mandel Executive Director Brad Holst walked through common communication hurdles and actionable steps your company can take to stay on the path to innovation and prosperity.

Why is innovation a big deal?

A recent MIT Sloan/Deloitte study named innovation the second most important issue companies are…

Last month I had the good fortune to attend Elliott Masie’s Learning 2017 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

How is it that, having attended so many industry conferences events over the years, I’ve never been to this one?

Coupled with the quality of the speakers and my interactions with attendees, this year’s theme was enough to make me a lifelong convert.

The theme?

Learners are changing. Societal forces are triggering this change. And industry is reacting to it.

As consumers, people have been conditioned to expect a certain caliber of experience when you want or need to learn something.

You go…

“65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in jobs that don’t yet exist.”

This, according to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs report.

In her article, Soft Skills Will Be Essential for Future Careers, SAP Chief Learning Officer Jenny Dearborn tackles some tough truths about this stat head on.

Chief among them?

The world is rapidly changing. Our educational systems — and corporate training programs — aren’t keeping pace.

The implication?

The jobs you’re training people for today won’t be the jobs you’ll need people to perform in just a few years.


Mandel Communications

Mandel Communications is a global communication skills training company that readies business professionals and executives to THINK well and SPEAK well.

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