“SaruTobi Island” Logo and details

It has been an interesting time in the bitcoin blockchain gaming community, Spells of Genesis is set to release globally this month, Augmentors completed a successful fundraiser and Rarepepe’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down.
As some of you may know I am part of Project ORB and the Book of Orbs app as a developer and have enjoyed running various successful campaigns with Book of Orbs using my applications SaruTobi and takara and I am now pleased to announce more details on my next project which will be named “SaruTobi Island”

SaruTobi Island is the second instalment in the SaruTobi franchise and will be available on iOS and Android. The basic premise of the game is that SaruTobi swings too far and ends up landing on a new island. As he has crash landed on this island he finds him self as an accidental hero and must take the role of a “monster rancher”. See teaser video below.


Players can utilize all their counterparty tokens and use a mix of them to summon a random monster. The monster they summon will be based on the tokens they use. The idea is to give utility to all Counterparty tokens as well as to increase the interoperability of game tokens between titles which is a native feature of Counterparty tokens. For example you can use your SoG cards or Rarepepe cards to summon a unique monster in SaruTobi Island.

Phase 1 will allow users to summon and raise monsters, power them up by burning other tokens.
Phase 2 (coming later) Will add multiplayer and allow users to complete dungeons and quests together.

The game will include mini RPG style quests and puzzles.

In order the release something sooner rather that later I plan to release phase 1 first.

I am sure people will want to know an ETA for release, as this game is being developed in my free time I can’t give an exact date however I hope to release phase 1 in the following months. SaruTobi tokens will also have use in the game offering bonuses, discounts, unlockable content etc to holders.