takara, Sarutobi Classic, Scalability

As we all know the bitcoin blockchain is experiencing high fees and slower confirmation times. I understand the argument that if you pay the right fee then confirmation times will always be around 10 minutes however most users have had the experience of paying the high fee as the mempool is increasing having the effect that your high fee is no longer enough.

When I first created SaruTobi and takara it was in the heyday of micro payments and instant free transactions. It was fun to send a micropayment of a few cents and fun to play with cheap tokens.

Recently that fun has started to fade, at least for low value tokens and micropayments, I don’t mind paying dollar value fees for valuable assets such as SoG cards and some Rare Pepes.

In order to mitigate this issue there will be updates coming to SaruTobi and takara.

Currently SaruTobi shares the monthly ad revenue between users and pays out in btc each month. Most users earn around the 1 dollar mark and many less (some more $5–$15) it is difficult to send that payment with a $1 transaction fee. Therefore the payout system will likely change allowing users to rollover unpaid amounts to the following month. For example if you only earn $0.50 each month then SaruTobi will payout once your balance reaches $1.00.

Counterparty plans to introduce a few new protocols soon, the first will allow the sending of tokens without dust as well as reducing the transaction size and thus the fee. The second will allow the sending of multiple tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction. Therefore it is likely that takara may not always send the token instantly and will batch send claimed takara at the end of the day.

Other Blockchains

I am aware that bitcoin may not be the best blockchain for tokens and micropayments and other protocols and chains are available. Even though I am interested in these and am researching I suspect that these chains will have larger scaling issues than bitcoin has now. Therefore rather then kicking the can down the road for the short term I feel it is better to concentrate efforts with bitcoin and Counterparty.

Another factor is resource, as more resources are available to me I may add support for tokens on other chains as well however currently they are not.

I also feel that low value tokens are fun but may not have a place on a blockchain, if you are not concerned about the tokens security then a database and/or off chain transaction will probably do.