How to Develop Courage Even When You’re Really Afraid

A Simple Tool That Helps Me Develop Courage

Containing three simple parts, this tool helps me recall all those times in my past when I was afraid or uncertain, yet I acted despite of that fear, and in the end, I was better for it. It’s a tool that reminds me that no matter what doubts are entering my mind today, that if I continue to listen to my inner voice, and trust my ability to maneuver whatever life throws at me, I will continue to be OK. Everything will continue to work out in my favor.

The tool I’m referencing is called “Connect the Dots,” and I want to share it with you. I hope it helps you continue to act too, despite your fears.

3 Steps to Connect the Dots

1. List out the pivotal times in your life when you were afraid or doubtful

2. List out what you learned/gained from going through those experiences

3. Highlight how going through those experiences prepared you for what you were about to undertake next

Now watch this short video to see these steps outlined in detail!

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