John Sharp

Exactly - I don’t think the conference organization should be responsible for the sponsorship dollars required to support an appropriate level of patient/caregiver/clinician/community representation (holy heck, that’s a whole lot of nouns to try to type each time!), but that the conference organization should find ways to encourage inclusiveness and sponsorship. At registration, for example, perhaps offer the option to sponsor a patient for a reduced-price registration, in addition to offering a link to gift mileage and hotel points (which will require a bit more finagling and program sponsorship, but it could be done). Also, perhaps as part of the sponsorship program, conference organizations could highlight inclusiveness as a level of sponsorship that has X associated perks - the PR, alone, for helping an underserved population attend and meaningfully participate would go far in this industry. (Health insurance companies and subsidiaries, looking at you, in particular, with side-eye. You could definitely benefit from some good PR, people.)

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