If You Can’t Be the Best, Change the Category
Jeff Goins

Jeff — all this striving to be the best, to be excellent, to be number 1 or be nowhere just feeds our cultural and individual neuroses (and possibly psychoses). How about being kind? How about being loving and respectful to oneself and others? How about valuing ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’? How about being in harmony with the world instead of rampaging through it to satisfy our culturally-constructed (western capitalist) appetite to conquer and control and shout ‘hey, look at me. I’m better than you’? How about just enjoying what you do, being in the moment, even if you don’t receive the necessary external validation (which being the best implies)? If you can’t be the best (and how do you measure that, even if it is a valid goal — which it isn’t IMHO?) at what you’re passionate about then you’re certainly not going to be the best by switching category. You’ve given us a recipe for psychological meltdown. Being the best is a by-product of the combination of many things, not a goal in itself. Being happy and satisfied with who you are and what you have might just be preferable and something we can all work on without loading ourselves with guilt, shame, anxiety, embarrassment or dissatisfaction. Ommmmm. Back to my meditation…

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