This didn’t happen overnight, we were warned. But we were busy worrying about nuclear bombs, jihadists, pandemics and a variety of other threats. Dire warnings about lengthening droughts and depleted water supplies fell on deaf ears; it’s not that we didn’t hear, we didn’t listen. If all you hear day after is too scary, repetition breeds complacency…

Voluntary conservation measures didn’t work, strict rationing of all water prompted a mass exodus. Unfortunately the people who left were the skilled, educated or wealthy.

For a time real estate kept the economy afloat, there were enough optimists willing to bet that rain would come.

With minimal national assistance available, state and local governments scrambled to fill the void. Efforts were made to preserve the facade of normalcy; unfortunately they only slowed the slide into chaos. Perhaps we were victimized by an unconscious bias, the feeling that everything is golden in the Golden State.

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