Navigating personal finance education? Meet your companion & compass.

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5 min readFeb 22, 2024

27+ hours of ready-to-go personal finance lessons. Click, play and financially empower your high school students.

Either you’ve heard about our Teacher pass, or you’ve heard about the Aussie team trailblazing the financial education movement. Whatever the weather, you’re in the right place!

In this write-up, we’re taking a deep dive into the ‘Teacher Pass’ component of our high school program.

Firstly, What is the Mandy Money Teacher Pass?

The Mandy Money Teacher Pass is an all-access online portal that gives you access to our entire suite of personal finance teaching materials. This gives you everything you need to teach the program in a classroom setting.

Simply log in, select your lesson, and go from there!

What’s Included?

The pass includes 27 Teacher Lesson Packs.

  • 3 x Micro-credentials (Essential Systems, Future Focused, Smart Foundations)
  • 9 x Core topics (Budgeting, Super, Tax, Mindset, Employment, Investing, Debt, Interest, Life Admin).
  • 27 x Lessons, with 3 per topic (eg. Budgeting Level 1, Budgeting Level 2, Budgeting Level 3)

What’s A Lesson Pack?

Each Lesson Pack is a bundle of everything you need to teach a 45–60 minute lesson in the classroom, including…

  1. Lesson Presentation (Downloadable + Editable)
  2. Student Worksheets (Downloadable + Editable)
  3. 4 x Theory Videos (All technical teaching theory)
  4. 4 x Student Activities (Incl. Flexibility to complete via worksheets or group discussion)
  5. Activity Answer Suggestions (No need for technical expertise)
  6. Student Quiz (Test knowledge at the end of the lesson with a 5 Question quiz)

How does the Technology work?

Chances are, you have more than enough tech to navigate through in 2024. Simplicity is key when it comes to our teacher pass.

It’s as easy as one, two three!

  1. Your home base is the birds-eye-view dashboard, laying out all the lessons, quick links and progress tracking.
  2. Next, you have a space dedicated to topic and lesson selection. First, select your topic, then select from the three lessons.
  3. Lastly, once you’ve arrived at your lesson, head straight to the starter page, where you’ll find all your materials for the lesson. You’re good to go!

How can you use it?

Our teacher pass gives you the perfect combination of structure and flexibility. There are two ways teachers typically use the teacher pass…

Firstly: Lean on our structure 🌴

The content of the program follows an A-Z structure, promising to empower a student with everything they NEED to know about their money before they leave high school.

It’s an explicit learning journey, with a start, finish and defined learning outcomes. You can choose to stick to this structure and follow its logical flow. Collect badges along the way to track and celebrate your progress.

This method still leaves room for you to extend, contract and add elements to customise the student experience. For example, activities, news articles, simulation games, social media educational videos and anything else that might elevate the content to be relevant and exciting for your students.

Secondly: Pick, choose, chop, change 🍒

Whether you have a pre-existing program and just want some support or extra materials, or are teaching a specific subject and only need a small part of the program… That’s cool!

The entire program includes:

  • 108 animated videos (covering 108 essential concepts).
  • 108 activities (Applying those 108 essential concepts).

That’s 6+ hours of animated video (and 15+ hours of supporting activities) for you to use. We provide you with a full list of the program lessons and videos to allow you to cherrypick what you like. The program really is yours to make yours!

Click here for the HD version

What does it cost?

The Teacher pass can be purchased in two ways…

  1. As a solo teacher, you can purchase a school year access pass. Given it is used by a single teacher, there is no limit to the number of students you can teach with this single pass.
  2. As part of a larger school bundle. We have a number of bundles which combine multiple teacher passes, student passes, and textbooks. These are designed to accomodate year levels, programs and schools of all shapes and sizes. These bundles are considerably discounted… All the way up to an unlimited digital school pass with as many teacher and student passes as needed.

Depending on your preference, you can:

  • Purchase instantly via card or Paypal.
  • Submit an Order form with Purchase Order number.

🔗 Click the “Order Now” Button to access up-to-date pricing, bundle options, order form and the purchasing portal.

Would you like a demo or book an intro call? ☎️

Simply email us at 📧

We hope this has helped you understand the Teacher pass and how it can be your compass & companion in implementing or augmenting a financial literacy program at your school.

Join us in building a future of financially empowered young Australians 🦘



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