Sites that help me contribute to the web design project

I am very interested in web design and I always try to put new and fancy components on our website. Like anyone else, when some “mysterious” problems happen, I can get very frustrated and upset. Fortunately, I have the following three sites to help me.

The first one, obviously, would be Stack Overflow( To me, it is a teacher who you can ask any question and get answers immediately. Usually, I will just type in several keywords of my question and go through each similar questions in Stack Overflow. Although I cannot get the exact same question, it can always inspire me to find the right direction. Also, if you really cannot figure out your problem with the existed questions, you can just set up an account and ask a question! Someone will get back to you within one hour! And they are all informative and brilliant web designer/developer/…

The second one is Code Pen ( Love this website! It is the perfect place to look for some fancy effects for your website (although sometimes it would be too fancy)! For example, if I want to build a hamburger menu, I can just search for “build hamburger menu” and check each answer’s codes. To see if they work or not, I always copy them and put them together in a local HTML file. After that, I will copy them and insert them into my website. If sometimes the code does not work out on your website, remember to check if the “id” or “class” fit in your original codes.

Last but not least, GitHub ( is a great place to find helpful codes examples, too. You could either search directly in GitHub or search Google the question with “…+ GitHub.” You can find out many answers with detailed documentations there. The downside of GitHub, though, is sometimes the codes are too difficult for us. The codes are so complicated that I cannot understand even with the detailed explanation.

Overall, these are my favorite sites to look for help when I run into some problems with web design. But anyway, when you don’t know how to start searching, Google is always your best friend to search for the answer! Many fantastic web designers write blogs about their insights and you can access to them easily via Google.

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