It is fascinating how people have different ways to express themselves. Artists, for example, they express themselves through artworks, paintings, dancing, singing, acting and cooking. Every art piece is a representation or reflection of an artist’s emotions, empathy, sympathy, and imagination. The product of their creativity then become meaningful as they put their hearts and soul to their creation. There is a process on how an artist come up with their masterpiece. There is an untold story for each masterpiece . Last week, we presented an artist that somehow inspired us; we chose Angel Bisquera. In this paper, i will be explaining similarities and differences of three artists presented in class and demonstrate their social contribution and qualities i would imitate.

All of them showed passion and dedication to their craft. Angel is my sister’s best friend and i have witnessed how she grows as an artist. Angel’s paintings illustrate her persona in life and her values as a member of the society. Moreover, the maker of Red Ribbon chocolate cake did not just make the bakeshop one of the successful bakeshops in the country but as we’ll nourished family gatherings. Nevertheless, Ms. Nova Villa’s contribution to the entertainment industry is remarkably noticeable my many.

I admire how they were able to live up to their dreams. It’s inspiring to see people succeed on their chosen craft. It keeps the fire burning. However, i wont probably imitate them but rather make them my inspiration to reach my highest potential artistic side of me.

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