Life’s Voiceless Struggles

I most often have inspiration for poetry, spiritual poetry that is, but every now and then I have insights that I’m eager to share with fellow humans for the purpose of somehow ameliorating the human condition or possibly alleviating someone’s struggles…Not so much of a poem this time, but some time ago I had a personal discernment into life’s voiceless struggles.

When I shared this with a personal friend, who is also a professional counselor, she was of the opinion that it should be included in the “Professional Counselor Journal” to quote her words exactly…maybe not to that point, but I decided why not share it with whomever would lend a listening ear…

The Key to Living Happily in Any Relationship

1. Through the grace of God, loved ones, or professional help recognizing one’s own baggage.

2. Consciously acknowledging that this baggage affects who we are as a person and consequently our perception and behaviour towards others and life in general.

3. Accepting and forgiving whatever led to this baggage and knowing that it does not have to define who we are and how we live.

4. Based on all this knowledge, the willingness to make the necessary changes, ourselves or with help, to appropriately deal with our baggage in order to improve ourselves, our lives, and relationships.

5. Realizing that everyone around us struggles with their own baggage.

6. With the grace of God, with the help of loved ones, or with professional help, learning how to lovingly and happily live our best lives despite this baggage.