Listen to your heart!

I’m sure most of you have never heard of what I’m about to speak of. Neither had I when I was diagnosed with it last February!

I was just visiting a relative at the Heart Institute and we were all discussing the different symptoms one could experience when having a heart condition. Not being very happy with what I was complaining about, left chest cramp, higher back pain etc., a relative insisted on taking me down to the emergency to be checked out. After having taken a blood sample and done an electrocardiogram, they decided to keep me overnight because my heart enzymes were too high! What the…is going on I thought expressing my anguish at the thought of spending the night there when my mom’s b-day was the next day and I could not bring myself to telling my mom, an elderly woman, and have her all worried on her birthday!

Having no choice in the matter, I spent a long sleepless night hooked up to a machine with doctors and nurses visiting my bedside throughout the night and asking all sorts of questions, to which most of my answers were “no”.

Long story short, I left the next morning with the doctor telling me to expect a call for an appointment for an MRI test in the near future.

After a couple of months with still no news, I called inquiring about the procedure and advised the nurse that my symptoms persisted. She immediately gave me an appointment and I underwent the test.

Approximately a week later I received a call from the institute requesting that I come see the doctor for my results. They said “You have Tako Tsubo”! “What on earth is that” I questioned? They asked me if I had recently lost a dear one or witnessed some kind of traumatic experience, to which my answer was “no” again. Then I began to cry because I realized that when I’m very sad or upset I complain saying “My heart hurts” that I feel actual physical pain.

Turns out, according to the Japanese that coined this term, it translates into “Broken Heart Syndrome”! A rare condition which appears as an Infractus symptom in an MRI for the heart. People, usually women, with who are hyper sensitive and take everything to heart could experience this condition.

Moral of the story, listen to your body…I wasn’t imagining when I complained that my heart hurt when I was very sad!