Reclaiming My Power From White Women
Sara Haile-Mariam

Wow, I’m speechless! So well written and enlightening! Your pain brought tears to my eyes.

What I have to say may sound irrelevant with regards to race, but children from different backgrounds can also experience these damaging emotions as a result of feeling inferior and having to repress feelings and thoughts just to be accepted and fit in.

As a white, redhead, Christian, immigrant woman who came to Canada from a third world country at a young age, I can relate to some of the underlying sentiments in this piece.

“Why am I not enough without your approval…”

Just off the boat, in a matter of speaking, but having to live in an upscale neighbourhood and attend school with priviledged peers was not an easy assimilation when you come from humble beginnings... You slowly have to learn this lesson…

“Increasingly coming to understand that you cannot touch my worth with your words… Love is giving to yourself the acceptance you’ve been taught to seek from other people.”

I especially agree with what you said concerning women…as women we have to stick together, support each other…and yes feminism is definitely a good path to do so.

“The thing I don’t understand is that as women… Don’t you know what it is to feel dehumanized by our system and our culture?”…Confronting white supremacy within feminism is a necessary and instructive opportunity?”

As you said, using our pain to create something is very therapeutic…I personally write spiritual poetry, general feelings, sketch, volunteer…

“I can only promise to create with this pain and to do everything I can to help”

I would personally like to apologize on behalf of all white women who have ever made you feel less than your God given beauty/freedom! I pray that one day all this negativity will be behind you and that your future surpasses your wildest dreams in Jesus’ name. Always remember, we are all equal in his eyes. When we were young, we were fragile and vulnerable, but as adults, don’t give away your power to anyone!

“That may make you uncomfortable, but it makes me free… unchained from the expectations and entitlements you’ve been taught to hold.”

Amen to that!

Sisters in humanity,

God bless