Top MBA Colleges In Greater Noida — Most Preferred Options For Students

Results of all MBA enterance exams has been declaired for the admission to the batch of 2016–18 and the last admission round in the grade of top MBA colleges in Greater Noida has either been about to complete or completed based on the preferences of the students.

In the last few years, greater Noida is preferred destination for pursuing MBA because of the learning experience, environments that offer greater awareness and diversified elevated placement options along with the opportunities to become an entrepreneur.

Several top MBA colleges in Greater Noida have closed the process of their admission, yet there are number of colleges that are still offering admission or the application process where B-school admission choice can be explored.

Reason of NCR as Preferred Destination for Pursuing MBA –

The NCR or National Cpaital Region includes complete national capital area of Delhi that include Greater Noida too along with New Delhi along with other urban arena surrounding it as neighbouring states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. Delhi NCR get considered as the largest agglomeration of India and second largest in the World with the population of around 2.17 crores. All areas of Delhi NCR along with Greater Noida generated GDP is around 128.9 billion dollor that was around 7.5 of total Indian GDP.

Delhi and NCR have been hugely transformed in last few years and has becomes the post popualr place for BPO and IT industries with highest number of Indian BPO centers located in the surrounding areas of Delhi. Delhi is also vital commercial center in the South Asia and the third biggest metropolitan area in the country that offers higher job opportunities to the MBA graduates. The per capita income of Delhi is highest in the country with 2.5 times of the national average and second biggest GDP with respect to the power of purchasing parity. Delhi has witnessed phenomenal growth in the service sector because of the skilled work force with the fluency in language like English, number of telecom and internet providers with satellite facilities of communication and availability of sufficient infrastructure.

The top MBA colleges located in Greater Noida and other areas of Delhi NCR from providing great learning and placement opportunities also obtain benefit of its strategic location around and in the capital of the country.

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