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My tips for working with Elmish


  • Issue immediately a new Message
  • Make an HTTP call and then return the result in your application via a Message
  • Save data in your storage

Basic usage

Modelize your Model according to your needs

Everything is a function

Pass data as an argument

Pass a record as an argument

Use helper function to work with your Domain

Make public bare minimum

Make the child communicate with the parent

Schedule a parent message in a child component

  • bounce which is working withCmd<Debouncer.Msg>
  • update which is working with Cmd<Parent.Msg>

Use several views for the same component

Extends the Elmish API


Program composition

Custom commands

Refine your user experience

  • Program composition to register the library logic and views
  • Custom commands in order to send a notification to the program directly
  • F# feature to provide a Toast builder interface using pipes





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