PNG’s Cybercrime Act is for protecting corrupt politicians only

PNG’s Cybercrime Act it seems was created to protect politicians and not a teenager in Lae who has been abused and cyber-bullied

By now many of us are wondering why the cops in Lae have not arrested the guy who uploaded sexually explicit pictures and video of a teenage girl.

It is now know that she has been a victim of abuse by the same sexual predator and was forced into having images and video of her taken.

Why aren’t the authorities acting to protect a vulnerable girl who has suffered so much?

There can only be one conclusion: the law is there to protect white collar fat cats and not orphaned little girls in Lae or the rest of PNG for that matter.

The law is there to persecute those who stand up against greedy corrupt oligarchs in PNG.

I hope those who developed this unjust and undemocratic law hang their heads in shame because history (and the internet) will remember them for undermining democratic governance in Papua New Guinea.

An earlier version of this post contained a screengrab that was removed following a complaint. The editor apologizes for any harm done