Why We Must Stand Up for the Injustices forced upon Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

For more than two years now, we have seen Gurbaksh Singh Chahal’s name dragged in the mud. It seems every few months there is a new charge brought against this young Punjabi. Yet, when we go to his Facebook page or research his community service efforts, we come to know a different person. How can a young man, who has achieved such success at the young age of 33, having built four successful companies, established relationships with the leaders of the world and contributed millions to the well being of humanity, be portrayed from another a different angle in the San Francisco media?

Has anyone ever wondered, why the victims of yellow journalism (almost always well established business people, celebrities, actors/actresses) don’t speak up in their defense? It is not that these individuals don’t have social media platforms or audience to convey their side of the story. Perhaps, they are silenced by the legal system, and perhaps to not fuel the fire to the discussion managed by none other than the media trolls.

As a community activist, I spent hours digging up Gurbaksh’s case further, and I looked into all the recent cases that have surfaced against him. After analyzing additional facts, it has become apparent, it is Gurbaksh who is the victim here of the yellow journalism and the injustice of prejudice and racism brought upon by District Attorney, George Gascón.

Sadly, no mainstream or Indian media has even tried to view these charges from an investigate standpoint either. While I am not an investigator, analyzing these charges have definitely spawned a doubt in mind. A doubt that is growing at an astronomical speed to question, whether Gurbaksh Chahal is indeed who the San Francisco has made him to be, or if he is a mere victim, maliciously targeted by the District Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascón, for his own political agenda.

Every person makes mistakes in life. Gurbaksh, too, might have made a mistake several years ago, while we don’t know exactly happened, he was reprimanded. However, looking closer at the situation, his mistake was over-dramatized for hyped media, political agendas and yellow journalism. Regardless of the circumstances, no one should be tarnished for the rest of their life regardless of their political motives. Since, all of these recent charges brought against him have been falsified. Let’s analyze them one by one:

1. (April 2015) A 40 year old female employee brought a charge against Gurbaksh for getting fired on the grounds of age and gender discrimination. Her complaint was based on ‘wrongful termination’.

Additional insights:

  • This employee worked less than 6 weeks at the company.
  • She didn’t report to Gurbaksh. Rather, her immediate boss, the President of the company, fired her out of their New York office. Rational for termination: for not producing any work.
  • In her complaint, this person cooked up vile stories of her being secretly videotaped during the interview. Ironic question: Why would an employee choose to accept work at a place if she felt uncomfortable during the interview process?
  • The HR director and other employees of the company openly rebuff all of her claims. Yet, no one in the media paid much attention to these rebuffs. Why would anyone? Everyone loves a sizzling hot story, right?
  • These employees had nothing to benefit other than to tell the truth about this disgruntled employee. Sadly, this woman had much more to gain.
  • It so happens, she has a history of suing or threatening every employer she has ever worked in the past for a payday.
  • She has a history, once fired, to threaten to bring a ‘wrongful termination lawsuit’ if the company doesn’t immediately settle with her.

Other Motives:

  • After getting fired, she joined forces with a Punjabi contingency lawyer.
  • She hired this Punjabi media hungry attorney to coerce money from Gurbaksh.
  • This Punjabi attorney used her community connections to get herself publicized and drum enough negative press to get Gurbaksh to settle.
  • This attorney pushed the limits of “extortion” to Gurbaksh to the extent a formal complaint against this attorney had to be filed to the California Bar Association.
  • To further defame Gurbaksh, she had a Forbes reporter, write that his company only had done $75,000 in revenue in it’s history and was shutting down. I don’t know how that makes sense, since when I went to his Company’s website and saw that he has 18 offices and hundreds of employees worldwide. This seems like a direct attack at him, his business, and his employees.
  • Gurbaksh refused to be extorted and fought these allegations, relentlessly regardless of the negative press he faced.
  • Result: Gurbaksh will win.

Now isn’t this an irony, no one mentioned about Gurbaksh managing to clear his name of these vile accusations or contact him to get his side of the story?

2. (Sept 2014) A young Canadian man brought charges against Gurbaksh, after getting fired. His claim, Gurbaksh threatened him with violence. Yet, according to the Company’s police report filed, this young Canadian man was fired for stealing company’s intellectual property. When he was terminated, Gurbaksh was 3,000 miles away in New York. How can a physical threat be transpired from long distance? Shortly after this complaint, this young man runs off to Canada.

Motive: This young Canadian man used the vindictive desire of the DA to punish Gurbaksh’s unjustly and managed to cut a deal to escape his own punishment.

  • DA never filed a complaint against this young Canadian for stealing, when it is the very constitutional right of each citizen that his or her complaint be registered. Yet, no charges were filed against him.
  • Instead, the culprit coordinated with the DA to be sheltered and helped the DA initiate a long witch-hunt against Gurbaksh, to revoke his probation.

Second Motive: He filed a civil lawsuit against Gurbaksh to coerce additional money and attempted to silence him with the threat of bad publicity. Of course, as we all know, the bad publicity card was well played here again since he hired the same Punjabi contingency attorney.

3. (September 2014) A young woman brings a new domestic violence case against Gurbaksh. Citing she was kicked, after having a physical relationship with him. She is cited to have gone to “her husband” afterwards to show her bruises; she filed a police complaint several weeks later. According to the report, there were no injuries, redness or bruises visible. The report also mentioned this woman being uncooperative in providing sufficiently clear information to the attendee at the police station and wanting to leave quickly to avoid questioning.

Questions to ask:

  • A woman states she has a relationship with another man and then goes to her husband to complaint about a mistreatment? Let’s pause and reflect. Does no one finds this statement is a bit strange? Or questions the motives of this woman? Or sees this as another LIE?
  • A documented statement on the report by the police officer states there were no visible bruise or redness of any kind. Yet, DA drummed a huge press cycle again against Gurbaksh with new Domestic Violence claims to revoke his probation.
  • During the past two years, the DA may have hired several investigators to follow Gurbaksh around the clock. Imagine yourself now — living for two plus years, knowing there is a private investigator following you everywhere you go. Good way for our tax dollars to be at work? Or a vindictive way of DA to emotionally torture a young man?
  • Since the incident, this woman left the country. Yet, the DA has gone to great lengths to convince and offer her various means of incentives for a falsified testimony.
  • In her last court hearing, this woman was a no-show.

4. (January, 2016) A taxi driver brought a claim against Gurbaksh for owed wages of nearly $500k for having worked less than a year.

  • The case was sent to San Francisco Department of Labor for dispute and at the last minute Gurbaksh Chahal was also added as a defendant on top of his actual employer. Why? Because Gurbaksh has deeper pockets.
  • Without any thorough investigation, the Labor office ruled that Gurbaksh pay $500k to a taxi driver for the said ‘claimed wage’ and his actual employer $20k.

Facts to analyze:

  • This driver never worked for Gurbaksh.
  • There is no documented proof this employee was ever hired by Gurbaksh.
  • No investigation was ever done to sort out the truth; Rather, decision was solely made on the mere statement of a maleficent person’s intent to gain money from Gurbaksh.
  • By now, it is a simple fact. Anyone can go to the SF DA’s office, mention Gurbaksh’s name and get his or her charges filed against him swiftly — no supporting proof needed. Imagine, that. We call this ‘justice’?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How many taxi drivers earn $500k/year?
  • Gurbaksh lives in San Francisco. This commute is nothing more than within the city limits. San Francisco spans no more than 7 miles. At best, his lengthiest commute would involve to the San Francisco airport few times a month. Now even if, for a short period we assume this person did indeed worked for Gurbaksh, how can local driving cost $500k/year?
  • Has anyone investigated if Gurbaksh used other form of transportation? Perhaps, he drives as well? He is known to have his own cars too. How about Uber?
  • As busy as Gurbaksh is running a company, how much local taxing could a person do, to garner several hundred thousands of dollars in taxi fare?

Did anyone at the San Francisco Department of Labor division think this incident through, with their common sense intact?

Gurbaksh is now fighting this case relentlessly too because he will not pay this fine and fight it in court with facts that can’t be ignored. I have no doubt he will win this falsified case too. I applaud him for fighting against these leeches.

I hope he sues the Department of Labor division and the San Francisco District Attorney for wasting his time and money, let alone causing him so much emotional distress.

When ‘Gurbaksh Chahal’ name appears in the media, newspapers across the regions are quick to simply translate the story or merely copy & paste it. People have long forgotten the core best practices of publishing news — to present a story to their readers from an investigative journalism viewpoint. Sad, we have forgotten the bare basics of what journalism is about, to be informed of the truth.

Gurbaksh’s sad saga continues yet again.

5. (March 2016) Gurbaksh’s co-founder of his 4th company embezzled what is estimated to be well over $200k in money over the past two years.

  • While Gurbaksh was in India in February, dedicating his time to community causes — helping rebuild impoverished school, helping schools for the blind, libraries and installing water filters in the slums, when he returned, he would stumble on a new shock — a case of embezzlement in his own company. His employee had stolen well over $200k in funds for the past 2 years. He attempted to report this incident to the San Francisco police. Instead to date, no report or charges have been filed against the culprit — AGAIN.
  • San Francisco FBI was also contacted to help. They, too, refused to take down the report.
  • Gurbaksh emailed Governor Jerry Brown and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom for help. No response. (Isn’t it ironic, these politicians come running for election donations and votes, but disappear conveniently when we need them?)
  • San Francisco Financial crimes unit also has no registered complaint on file to help Gurbaksh. The complaint filed by Gurbaksh has been conveniently collecting dust somewhere.


  • Instead of helping Gurbaksh, the DA has sheltered the culprit employee AGAIN and now is also harboring a fugitive.
  • DA’s motive remains determined to bait Gurbaksh for his personal political gain. He wants to become the Attorney General (assuming Kamala Harris wins the Senate seat) at the expense of Gurbaksh’s notoriety, who is a well-known public figure. Any press he can get to vilify him, makes George Gascón seem like a hero of the people versus a hypocrite.
  • The DA is now pursuing charges against Gurbaksh for harassment. His new issue is, Gurbaksh called the employee who stole money and asked him to return the money ‘or else Gurbaksh will sue this employee’. Using this conversation as a “potential threat”, the DA has drummed up a new scheme to discredit Gurbaksh in the media AGAIN.
  • Instead, the DA’s role in this situation should be to help Gurbaksh and prosecute actual criminals. Corporate embezzlement is a statutory criminal offense.

Now, are you surprised by these facts as much as I am? Is it Gurbaksh who has being framed up until now?

You can see a consistent pattern, in my chronology above, in which this DA used each case against Gurbaksh in a vindictive manner. It is shocking to find how easily the District Attorney George Gascón has been able to abuse his powers and use the San Francisco’s few selected yellow journalists to publish stories from his vindictive point of view.

It is time to standup and join forces. Don’t let one family’s forced silence, poison our brains from questioning whether what we were led to believe in the media, is the only truth. We as a community need to stand together against this corrupt official. Join the rally being sponsored by the various local communities. There are many other minorities standing up to this tyrant District Attorney. As I originally helped report about this injustice on Jus Punjabi TV, there is a Facebook page rally growing against this corrupt DA. The page now has over 100,000 supporters. There now also an online petition on Change.org to remove George Gascón from the office. Join forces together and voice your discontentment against this injustice.

His next court date in San Francisco, will be at 850 Bryant Street, Department 18 on April 22nd, 2016 at 9am and we will be there to show our community support. If you want to support him regarding these injustices, feel free to call George Gascon himself to voice your concerns: 415–553–1741 as well.

It is after all, United we Stand!

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