All it takes is the right startle.

Murphy's law.

A minor hiccup in the fabric of your reality.

And you're tumbling.

Falling aimlessly through your unconscious



Going commando, balls out

Click-clacking through life schema free.

Amygdala Hijack.

Plus you're full freaking out.

Limbic af.

Disconnected from your body and running scripts triggered by something environmental or circumstantial.

You've been triggered.

Lizard brain.

Probably Toxic to be around.

They may be calling you a flaming asshole behind your back.

Or. . . A bitch if you're a woman.

You're triggering a cascade of ineffective scripts in people all around you.

But shit's getting done!

Your performance numbers are fantastic.

They're on their toes when you step in the room.

They bend over backwards and pucker up to brown nose- sniff kiss your ass.

The cars and house are paid for.

Vacations are planned and paid for.

Kids are at the perfect private school.

The racial ratio could be better.

But that's the cost of being this hot in the game.

Why in the hell would you slow down now or even change shit?

You're at the top of your game and suddenly one day you don't want it anymore.

Well, maybe not all of it.

Just all the bullshit that goes with it.

When you chose the doctor life it was for one thing.

To heal people.

Going from an idealist young scientist to a fire breathing, toxic, sleep deprived egomaniac was not part of the contract.

The married to medicine shit got old too. . .quick.

I remember they said medicine would be hard but at some point it's like . . .this has gone way beyond reasonable.

Plus it affects the patients.

They feel like they're talking to zombie robots.

Sleepwalking automatons in white coats.

Favorite part of their visit is when the bright eyed med student comes tripping in.

The joy of that part gets stripped away as every senior member then starts to subtle haze the med student.

That's waves of toxic amygdala hijack.

Fear based conditioning.

Startle after startle of indoctrination and cultural conditioning and then everyone wants to act startled by the 400 physicians being pushed to suicide every year.

The skyrocketing physician burnout rate.

Physician salaries dropping.

Physician exits happening in waves.

Initially a wave of decreased application to med schools.

Then data about physicians being lost to tech careers and startups.

We are getting up and out of that son of a bitch through the doors, windows, and roof.

That's a stark and pessimistic perspective though.

Step back and take a brighter view.

Expand your imagination. Shift paradigms and dive into entrepreneurship.

It's way less risky than they make it sounds.

All you have to do is create a product from an idea that has come to your mind.

One that solves a problem that you understand keenly. Because you've gone through the experiences and written the map of how you did it you are adding immense value and having a lasting impact.

This is way better use of your medical expertise than trading hours for dollars. Wage slavery.

As you create your product you are capturing solutions that will empower those who trust you to accomplish things previously way out of their reach.

And you'll be doing it over and over while making money in your sleep.

You don't have to be there for your products to be making money.

Just propel your authentic brand far and wide and keep your signal clear.

Lay down a foundationto inspire people to imagine doing things that you've managed to do.

Share the obstacles you overcame to get there- other people in those dark places feel less alone when they're tumbling through life's insurmountable shit when someone a few steps ahead looks back and lets them know it's gonna be okay.

While you're in the fire pits of hell surrounded by rings of fire and brimstone journal about how you plan to barefoot firewalk back from hell with the flame in you.

Write it every day until you can see it.

Read it until you can see the whole rise in your mind.

You're emerging from fire but somehow you're glistening. Sweat sizzling.

Who cares.

Also leave the demons behind in the flames where they belong.

Walk over here have a seat underneath the ceiling fan.

Have a nice cool drink, 🍸

On me.

Top shelf.

How does it feel to be reborn?

Send me a private message to go deeper.

Dr. Mani Saint-Victor, M.D.: The Dropout Doctor