5 Helpful Things I learned about Medium as a writer.

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So I’ve been disappeared from this platform for more than few weeks but now I am back.


The main reason for that disappearance is that I was Busy with some other things in life and I don’t get a time to write some shit about me or anything. But today, I don’t know from where I just got a motivational punch and something just happened and I was like F everything, E’m about to write an article.

This is the article about my experience on Medium, How I feel about this Platform and what I learned about this platform as a writer for the past couple of months.

Stuff related to medium gets more attention:

It is definite that anything you write about medium on the Medium, there is higher chance for your story to get more attention as compared to those which are not related to Medium. Few of you are those that are reading my stories from the early days of my career as a writer on Medium and they know that my stories are mostly related to Social issues. My stories highlights the social issues. Those stories in which I am trying my best to highlight the social issues do not get the type of attention that I was excepting WHEREAS those stories that do not require that much effort to write and do not require any hard work or research gets more attention.

Link of few of my stories in which I am trying my best to highlight the social issues are below, if you are interested, go and do give them a read.

Harassment and violence against women.
Porn Addiction.
Gender roles.

Not a supported country, No pay from Medium.

Well it is sad but true that if you are from one of those countries that are not supported by stripe or medium, then you won’t be able to get paid. People who are good in writing and are willing to write good articles, do get a little demotivated when they find out they do not get paid by Medium. I was excited too when I crossed my 100 followers on Medium but when I found that I won’t be able to get paid, I also get demotivated but my love and interest for writing is the reason that I am still writing and I’ll keep on writing articles with all my best efforts. I also wrote a story regarding this issue, I have put a link below. In case if you are interested then do give it a read too:

Unable to get paid

You Won’t be able to continue if your writing only to get paid:

It is evident that if you are someone who is just writing to get paid then sorry to say that you cannot continue this writing activity for long period. As I mentioned above that there are a lot of countries that are not supported by Medium, I am also amongst those peoples whose countries are not supported by Medium. In this case, only thing that keep forcing a writer to write good stuff is his love for the writing.

Assistance from other writers:

Assistance from other writers will help you to build up your good writing career. It is one of the most important things that I have learnt till now as a writer. As a newbie, I make a lot of mistakes but reading other writer’s articles help me to enhance my writing skills and to produce quality articles. If you’re someone who is new in Medium then you should must read other articles and try to learn something from them. Believe me that helps a lot…

Be sincere with your work:

It is important to be sincere with your work. Also productivity and creativity matters in this process of writing. Be productive and creative with what you are writing.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”





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This may be a helpful article for you or may be not but I tried to highlight some key points that I have learnt in this phase of writing. Tell me what you have learnt about Medium.

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I’m OUT!!!



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