My First Apartment

Every player needs a home to live in. And who doesn’t? I wasn’t no different than the others. In the first days of my adventures, when I logged into GTA Online, I was always starting my sessions on the streets. Yeah, the streets. Like a homeless person, no pun intended.

But, during that time, I was careful enough to gather my money to buy my own place. Even if it was a small house, but I needed a place to live, like other people in the GTA Online community. When I finally got all the stuff together, I didn’t hesitate, and went to the Dinastiny 8 website on my phone, and searched for a house at the smallest price possible.

I found it, bought it, and immediately drove in my car to my newly acquired house, marked on my GPS.

When I first got there, I had a satisfied feeling. I said to myself: OK Kevin, it isn’t like a luxurious house, but it’s enough to a first place to be when a player logs in.

Two months later, I decided to buy a new house, a larger one, since I had the money to do so. I preceded exactly like the last time, and this time I found a medium-sized house (as there is three types of sizes for apartments in Grand Theft Auto V).

It was a bigger place than the last one, this time with a nice outside view and a modern TV, where I could watch what other players are doing around.

Now, the current house that I live is ginormous, to say the least. It has a kitchen and a living room mixed in one large division. It also has a small office where I rarely plan heists, and work on my laptop.

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