Learn All About the Rubber Fetish

Rubber and latex is a part of our everyday life. Rubber makes up, at least a piece of, so many things we use on a daily basis. Car tires is just one example. However, did you ever think that you would bring rubber or latex into sex? Plenty of people do. We’ve all seen photos of latex fetish gear, the classic image of the dominatrix comes to mind. There is a whole fetish subculture infatuated with rubber and latex gear. Whether it is clothes, harnesses, masks, or full body suits people love rubber. These suits and clothing add a whole new level to sex. The rubber intensifies tactile sensation as well as temperature. This rubber gear can give people a boost in confidence, as if they’re playing a role. Adding rubber into your sexual repertoire can be surprisingly erotic for such an everyday substance.

Visual Sensations

When you slip into latex fetish gear you are, in a way, accepting a second skin. That is how many people in this fetish subculture see their gear. You use this second skin as an erotic substitute for your naked flesh. The mere sight of the rubber clothing is a stimulus in itself. It almost looks like the wearers skin has been dipped in a shiny liquid. Whether the gear is the standard black or a brighter, more playful, color your eyes are sexually engaged in a new and exciting way. The color isn’t the only visual element in the rubber fetish. The sheen of your fetish gear also adds to your sexual experience. The shiny rubber makes the whole experience even more subversive than when you’re just naked(1). Interestingly enough this second skin will also compliment your natural curves. The skin tight rubber clothing, that starkly contrasts against your skin, will accentuate all of your curves making you look even sexier than you already do(2). Your sight isn’t the only sense that is engaged by latex clothing, your sense of smell will also be tickled. One of the elements that’s celebrated by the latex fetish world is the smell of the latex and rubber — they love it(1). Of course, the most important sense during sex is not left out. The rubber clothing will give you a brand new tactile feeling that will activate your sense of touch.

Tactile Sensation

As your rubber clothing is a second skin it brings along new tactile sensations as well. Within the rubber fetish world the fetishists enjoy the feeling of rubber against their skin. It is another level of sensation when you combine it with sex. Not only that, but the latex clothes will enhance your sense of touch to an extent. Rubber has an incredible ability to retain heat. This leads to you feeling changes in temperature in a whole new way. Not only will it magnify the natural changes in your body heat during sex, but imagine if you started experimenting with hot wax or ice cubes. The rubber would deliver a sharp change in temperature which would stimulate you without anything actually touching your skin. There would be an added dimension of you receiving this stimulation while being one step removed from the situation. It does not end at temperature though. Unsurprisingly, rubber clothing restricts your movement. This adds a level of bondage into your sex life. It isn’t as restrictive as handcuffs, but it is harder to move and your partner could easily man-handle you while you can’t fully move(2). Not only that, but having your erogenous areas constricted only makes you more aware of them. Thereby making you more aware of the pleasure that comes from those areas of your body(3). The latex fetish gear doesn’t just play a role in the physical act of sex. It will also play a role on the psychological level as well.

Psychology of Rubber

Have you ever noticed how donning a costume can change the way you behave? This is a key component to the rubber fetish. When you decide to wear fetish gear it has a tendency to change the way you behave, depending on the costume. That behavior is encouraged by the simple fact that you are deciding to enter into the world of dominatrixes and gimps. A subversive world that is already rejected by polite society, yet accepted by rebels. By simply making the decision to take part in that world your outlook will change which will be followed by a change in your behavior. Rubber fetish gear has it’s own code of behavior(1). This psychological element has been known to help people who have problems with sexual anxiety. The fetish gear is like a costume and by wearing it anxious people are able to step outside themselves and play a character within the fetish. Quite often the rubber fetish clothes are accompanied by masks or hoods this can reduce anxiety by allowing the individual to escape further into a character or by hiding their identity. In addition to the role of a character, the rubber suits allows the fetishist to have a barrier between them and their partner while still enjoying the sensations of touch(2). Simple rubber clothing will allow you to experience sex in a completely new way.


You use rubber so often, it actually makes sense that people would use it during sex. It will physically effect your love life as well as having a psychological effect. When your body is clad in rubber clothing you will be far more sensitive to temperature and will give you a brand new tactile experience. Latex clothing also gives the wearer a taste of the bondage lifestyle by restricting their movement during sex. This clothing also adds visual stimuli to sex by exaggerating your natural curves and a giving your body a shiny finish. The rubber can also act like a costume and impact your psychology. Such a costume has been known to help with anxiety by providing a barrier between sex partners. The latex clothing can also bring out your inner character allowing you to dive further into your sexual desires. The rubber and latex fetish is a particularly interesting one because it shows that sex can change so much by simply wearing new clothes — welcome to the rubber world.

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Originally published at maniclove.com.