The Milf’s Rise to Power: Learn Why People Love Milfs

When it comes to sexual interest it is obvious that men have a preoccupation with the age of their partner, it’s part of what turns them on. However, in recent years it has become increasingly obvious that this preoccupation does not always point in the direction of youth. There are plenty of men infatuated with the idea of confident older women, aka Milfs. We can use the porn industry to measure this infatuation and in the last seventeen years there has been a steady explosion in popularity of Milf porn. With that in mind, another question bubbles to the surface. Why are Milfs so popular? It appears that there are a variety of reasons. It could come down to unresolved mommy issues or simply a desire for a dominant, confident woman. Whatever the cause of it, a significant portion of the population love them some Milfs.

Milf Popularity

However you get your supply of porn you must have noticed what a popular genre Milf porn has become. The only explanation for this great supply is that there is an equally great demand. If you’re still buying porn DVDs then you can go to any porn studio website and see how many Milf titles they offer. Two incredibly popular porn studios are Elegant Angel and Adam & Eve. Both of these very popular studios have an impressive collection of Milf porn titles. Elegant Angel has 88 titles that are Milf porn(1) and Adam & Eve have 225 movies that are centered around Milfs(2). Now, if your porn consumption is focused on the internet then you must have heard the names Naughty America and Brazzers. These are two very popular internet porn networks. Naughty America has created 47 different porn sites, 7 of which are Milf sites. That amounts to 14.894% of their porn sites being exclusively Milf oriented(3). Naughty America also allows you to search out scenes based on your favorite porn star. Out of their 25 top rated porn stars 12 of them are Milfs(4). Brazzers has a similar situation. 9.09% of all the sites on the Brazzers network are Milf sites(5). While 12 out of their 25 most popular porn stars are Milfs(6). Using the supply of Milf porn as proof of the demand is fairly easy, however there are other ways to determine the popularity of Milfs. We can always take a look at web searches.

Looking at the targets of sexual web searches is an effective way to study human sexuality. In 2009 this was done by the researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam. By combing through anonymous web searches they were able to compile a study on human sexuality that used 100 million subjects from all around the world. This sexual study had the largest scale since the Kinsey reports in 1948 and 1953. It also shined a light on the Milf phenomenon. Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam discovered that there are more searches for 50 year old women than for 19 year old women. There are a significant number of sexual searches for 60 and 70 year old women. They also found that there are more erotic searches for grannies than there are for common fetishes such as spanking. Apparently, on the search engine Dogpile, the third and fourth most popular sexual search terms are respectively mom and Milf(7). With this evidence in mind the question then becomes: is the interest in Milfs recent? If so, when did it start? To answer that question we need to delve into the history of Milf porn.

History of the Modern Milf

The Milf porn boom began in the early 2000s. Before then there were porn scenes with older women, but they were no where near as popular or common as they became in the 2000s. Looking back into the history of porn, before 2000 it was very uncommon for porn stars to work past their 30s. The first porn site to start pumping out tremendous amounts of Milf videos was Reality Kings, they began this in the year 2000. Once they started making these videos their competitors began to follow suit. Before long the Milf phenomenon started to take shape. Performers, such as Lisa Ann, have pinpointed the first spike in popularity for the genre in 2005. The popularity of Milfs seems to have spiked across all porn sites in 2011 and still remains one of the top search terms for porn sites. In today’s porn, the most popular Milf performers are between 30 and 40. Some performers find work as Milfs outside of this age range, but it’s less common. Although, the meaning of Milf seems to have morphed since 2000. Milf has become more of an aesthetic than an actual age range. Some porn stars in their twenties wind up starring in Milf videos just because of how they look. The term Milf has come to describe a women’s sexual confidence, her dominance, and commonly her curvaceous figure(8). While the Milf porn boom has a start date it is most likely that this sexual fantasy has always existed in the desires of men. When porn became easier to get anonymously, thanks to the internet, the pornographers had to cater to a wider audience. Thereby having to make videos that satisfy a wider range of specific fantasies. That is when Milfs rose to prominence. Now that our curiosity is sated with this knowledge yet another question arises: why are Milfs so popular? To answer that we are going to have to tread into the realm of psychology.

The Psychological Allure of Milfs

The fantasy of an older woman guiding a young man through sexuality has always existed. We see evidence of this in the movies that Hollywood has made. In 1967 a movie called ‘The Graduate’ captured everyone’s attention. An older woman took on the role of a sexual teacher to a younger man. The term we have for it is more recent. Milf became popularized by the 1999 movie ‘American Pie’. The term was used to refer to the character of Stiffler’s Mom, a dominant and sexy older woman. This fantasy has always been in the minds of men, therefore the reason must lie in their psychology. The most obvious thing would be to blame Freud’s theory of the Oedipus Complex. Freud theorized that every boy went through a phase when he hated his father and was sexually attracted to his mother. According to Freud’s theory it is only a matter of time before young boys grow out of this phase. Taking things at face value, unresolved Oedipal issues would make sense when regarding the attraction to Milfs. However, there are a couple things wrong with that assumption. First of all, no population can be completely uniform. Milf porn is one of the most popular porn genres, it is highly unlikely that all the men attracted to this fantasy have an unresolved Oedipus Complex. Second of all, most Milf performers don’t actually fit the age range to be as old as their fans’ mothers. A performer in her 30s most likely wouldn’t be old enough to be a mother to a 18 year old man(9). That being the case, projecting Oedipal issues onto the Milf porn star probably wouldn’t work very well. There are other theories that do a better job of explaining the Milf phenomenon.

The Allure of Sexual Hunger

While looking at the possible reasons for the popularity of Milfs we must not lose sight of what a Milf is. A Milf is a confident, sexually hungry, and beautiful woman. It just so happens that most of these traits accompany age. It has long been thought by men that older women have a more voracious sexual appetite. With that in mind it makes sense that young men, with hormones pumping through their veins, would be attracted to older women. In fact there is science to support that the sexual appetite of older women and young men could be a good match. In the world famous Kinsey report it was shown that women in their thirties have the most orgasms when compared to other age groups. There was also a recent study published in Personality and Individual Differences that reinforced the data from the Kinsey report. This recent study explains that women between 27 and 45 have the most daily thoughts regarding sex. Some people have tried to explain this sexual overdrive in women by using biology. It is thought that as a women’s fertility comes to its end they have evolved a larger sexual appetite to take advantage of their waning child bearing years. There is also a simpler explanation. It is entirely possible that this increased sexual appetite is due to women becoming more confident and assertive as they become more sexually experienced(9). It is entirely possible that some of the viewers of Milf porn are attracted to these sexually voracious sirens because of their sexual hunger. However, that can’t account for the entire audience. There has to be more reasons than that for the rise of the Milfs.

The Allure of Dominance

There is yet another reason why Milf porn is so popular. Milfs are powerful women and plenty of men are turned on by powerful, dominant women. A study published in the Journal of Sex Research compared 50 videos of Milf porn with 50 videos of teen porn. This study found significant differences between the two genres that go beyond age. It was found that, in the porn videos, Milfs were 2.5 times more likely to be the sexual aggressors. It was also found that Milfs were 9 times more likely to set the pace and direction of the sex scene. The study uncovered that in the 50 Milf videos that were studied 83% of the women had more authority than the men. These would be videos where the women played bosses, teachers, judges, etc. It is incredibly likely that the fans of Milf porn get turned on by powerful women taking charge of a sexual situation. It is fairly common for men to have a desire to be dominated. This desire would easily be fulfilled by Milfs(9). The fact that Milf porn depicts strong, confident, and beautiful women who seduce men using those traits cannot be ignored. Due to the fact it is shown so much in one of the most popular porn genres, the power of Milfs must be part of the attraction. Yet, the hypotheses don’t end here.

The Allure of the Familiar

Another theory, regarding Milf porn, states that its popularity might be due to the fact that Milfs seem more attainable than 20 year old porn stars. When you’re watching porn you project yourself into the scene. That being the case Milf porn, for many guys, might seem more like a scenario that could actually happen. The Milf on the screen is more likely to look like a teacher, a coworker, or a neighbor than younger porn stars are. The principle of projection applies to older men who watch porn too. They might enjoy Milf porn because older men tend to have sex with older women, so Milf porn is something that would ring true for them. It is also true that older women enjoy watching Milf porn. This is because it’s easier for them to project themselves onto a Milf than a 20 year old woman(10). Whether its because it’s enacting long held fantasies or because it’s familiar Milf porn is dominating the market of filth. People are rabid for Milfs.


When we peer through the door into the world sex we certainly see that there’s a fascination with age. It was long assumed that this fascination only went in the direction of youth. However, in the last seventeen years it has become apparent that hoards of people are drawn in the opposite direction. By looking at the market of porn it is obvious that a huge population of people love Milfs. It’s absolutely one of the dominant porn genres. Once you start digging a little deeper into the Milf phenomenon you find legitimate reasons for peoples’ attraction. It might satisfy a long standing sexual fantasy of powerful women with authority. Perhaps Milfs reflect your actual life better than the young starlet ever could. Milfs might symbolize a woman with an unquenchable sexual thirst which attracts you. Perhaps Milf porn fulfills psychological issues left over from childhood. Or it could be as simple as you appreciate the aesthetics of an older women more than that a younger one. Whatever combination of causes are at the root of the Milf boom one thing is for sure… it isn’t going anywhere.

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