Why Weightlifting is The Sex of Exercise: Chasing The Pump

The more I lift weights the more similarities I see between it and sex. Lifting weights is very primal. The heavier the weight, the more you feel like a caveman. It connects you to your inner animal much like sex does. The activities also have similar mechanics. Weightlifting and sex both push blood into your muscles. Weightlifting and sex both flood your brain with endorphins. Also, weightlifting and sex both leave you with a euphoric afterglow. This afterglow is a strange mixture of exhaustion, satisfaction, pleasure, and confidence. I think this is the feeling of conquest. Conquering has become a rare thing in our modern world but there are still points where it will come out. Such as pushing your body’s limits and pursuing a sex partner. Those are two occasions where our inner caveman takes the reigns and pushes forward in a bestial way. Once we succeed in both activities our bodies are rewarded with a buzzing ecstasy that comes with conquering new heights. Pursuing this feeling of conquest has benefited me tremendously in regards to my physical and mental health.

Weightlifting does more than make your naked body look good — it makes your body stronger. As your strength increases you will become healthier. You’ll have to be patient but as you exercise more and more your body will have a much easier time moving through the world. When I started lifting weights I was a great, big, fat guy (230 lbs) as I began to exercise my body, and that exercise became part of my lifestyle, I shed my fat and replaced it with muscle (190 lbs). Doing so improved my life so much. I don’t get winded by walking up stairs anymore. I no longer see tasks as daunting because I know I can accomplish them. I am even more comfortable in everyday situations. Weightlifting has had a major impact on my mental health.

A major point of improvement regarding my mental health is confidence. Weightlifting has given me a boost in confidence which helps propel through a cloud of depression. I now have much more confidence in my abilities which leaks over to most areas of my life. The euphoria I feel after lifting weights also helps quell any depressive thoughts. It has gotten to the point where I look forward to lifting weights. I am perfectly willing to lift at night if my schedule gets busy, I don’t care. When I push a workout aside for a day I get grumpy. I feel like I am missing out on that euphoria and I feel like I am sliding backwards in terms of progress. Nowadays, missing a workout sucks and might ruin my good mood. Ruining that good mood only empowers the negativity that is hiding in my head. I am at the point where I need to workout and my favorite workout is weightlifting.

I don’t know what it is but other workouts just can’t hold a candle to weightlifting. Where other exercises drain me weightlifting empowers me. This exercise gives me the confidence to face all the demons lurking within my head. Lifting weights is also strengthening my body to face the variety of challenges that life throws at all of us. The rush you get from pumping iron is similar to the afterglow you get from sex. It will make you feel relaxed, satisfied, and euphoric — just like fucking. I don’t think that it is an exaggeration to say that lifting weights has changed my life. I love it and can’t wait until my next work out.


Originally published at maniclove.com.

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