The Manifest Creative

My name is Isaiah King and I’m expected to graduate in the spring of 2016 with a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship. Choosing to study entrepreneurship was the best decision of my life because I unexpectedly discovered an outlet for the things I’m passionate about such as, design, urban renewal, and intercultural communications. I proudly claim myself as a Millennial but also understand the enormous amount of responsibility my generation has regarding the development of a “sustainable future”.

I see myself being apart of a movement that will globally increase the quality of all lives.

The fundamental tendency of self-actualizing, combined with personal trials of adversity, are the essential elements in which further allow me to understand the purpose(s) of my life each day.

I believe my current purpose is to encourage my generation of Millennial’s, to collectively invest within their future through self-leadership and creativity. As time continues, there will be a moment in the United States where Millennial’s will become the vast majority of the population. We will soon possess the highest amount of influence and power that elder generations once held.

As a result, this will ultimately leave my generation the ones primarily responsible for the future success of the country its citizens. I’ve begun investing toward the future of my fellow Millennial counterparts interpersonally.

I do so through stimulating conversation regarding social and economic conflicts that all generations generally turn a blind-eye toward. I also advocate for intercultural communication, unselfish design, lifelong learning, and the overall increase of heightened social and self-awareness.

The return on this investment will result in a generation full of conscious leaders who are constantly inspired to create and innovate unselfishly.

With help from highly effective technological resources such as multimedia outlets, along with simplistic but unique branding tactics like guerilla marketing, I have confidence in my ability to increase overall awareness.

The lifestyle I’ve manifested will soon transform into a brand that naturally speaks the language of my generation. Through the balance of passionate and logistical efforts, I foresee a brand that will be sure to attract an organic, long-term, and passionate following by sharing a lifestyle along with a message encouraging worthwhile investment. There are over 80 million E-boomers in the United States and my goal overall goal is to prepare future leaders of our country by increasing social and self-awareness.

Current problems my generation experience are,

  1. we are disaffected by the traditional forms of media
  2. we have many interests that exist behind a screen.
  3. we often have to navigate from site-to-site looking data, information and networks to stimulate our minds and fufill our basic human needs.

As a creative, manifesting the solution will call upon ISAIAH (Infrastructure Systems and Artificial Intellegence Applied Hollistically) along with internal and external tendencies of design thinking, solution-based collaboration, and self actualization. Through leveraging intellectual capital, social captial, and financial capital, combined with AI and HUMINT, Manifest Life will shift the overall awareness of the leaders of tomorrow.