Mobile Phones and Tablets, Oh My!

iOS and Android, Mobile Checklists

We’re incredibly excited here at Checklist Central (aka, the @Manifestly office).

From construction workers and restaurant employees, to property managers and landscapers, many Manifestly customers are almost always on the go and their phones and tablets are what connect them to the cloud.

And now they can use their checklists from their mobile device.

iPhone and iPads

Manifestly is in the iTunes store. It’s free and you need a Manifestly account to create your checklist templates that you’ll use in the app.

Download the iPhone or iPad app here.

Android Phones and Tablets

Manifestly is in the Google Play store as well.

Download Manifestly for the Android OS here.

The Future of Manifestly on Mobile

The roadmap for Manifestly on mobile devices includes the following:

  1. Checklist creation and editing
  2. Push notifications
  3. GPS based automated run creation